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Energy Hedge

Energy Hedge is a premier energy partner who supports all aspects of energy and sustainability development. Energy Hedge's primary goal is to support organizations efforts to decrease their operating expenses and hedge against rising rates. Our services range from solution development, engineering and policy review, project financing, RFP management, and commodity management.

By leveraging a team of industry experts, Energy Hedge has strategic partnerships with the leading energy providers across the world and has reviewed over $1Billion in Energy Projects

Whether you need to implement onsite energy projects across your portfolio or simply ensure you have competitive energy rates Energy Hedge will be able to help 

Our Services



Energy Solution adoption can be a complex process, especially for farmers who may have unique energy needs and financial considerations


Energy Hedge helps commercial and industrial customers navigate the complexities of integrating energy solutions and commodity management.

EV Charging

Energy Hedge is a company that provides innovative energy management solutions to its customers, including integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and fleet charging stations.

Real Estate

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can also benefit from incorporating various energy solutions into their properties.

Commodity Management

Energy Hedge is a company that helps industrial customers manage their commodity purchases and reduce their energy costs through utility cost management.

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Power up your business with our energy hedging solutions for a stable future.

Our company provides energy hedging solutions to mitigate risk and ensure stability in an ever-changing market.

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