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Commercial and Industrial

Energy Hedge helps commercial and industrial customers navigate the complexities of integrating energy solutions and commodity management. The company provides a range of services aimed at helping businesses optimize their energy usage, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

One of Energy Hedge's primary services is helping businesses navigate the different energy solutions available, including renewable energy solutions such as solar, battery storage, and generators. The company can help businesses assess the feasibility of implementing these solutions, including evaluating the cost-benefit analysis and return on investment.

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Once installed, Energy Hedge can provide ongoing monitoring and management of the renewable energy systems to optimize performance and ensure that the systems are operating at peak efficiency. This includes monitoring energy production and consumption, managing battery storage and load balancing, and providing real-time data and analytics on system performance.

Energy Hedge also evaluates the different financing options available for renewable energy solutions, including power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy service agreements (ESAs), operating leases, and capital leases. The company can help businesses assess the various financing options and determine which one is best suited for their needs.


In addition to renewable energy solutions, Energy Hedge also provides energy procurement services, where the company sources energy from various suppliers to find the most competitive rates for their clients. This helps businesses reduce their energy costs and ensure reliable energy supply.

Energy Hedge also provides risk management services to help businesses mitigate price volatility and reduce exposure to energy market risks. The company's team of experts can help businesses develop and implement risk management strategies, including the use of hedging instruments to protect against price fluctuations

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